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Akari’s artistic lamp  are designed and crafted to create an interior shade to have residents and guests feel relaxed, healed, refreshed and eternal beauty.
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Expert in LED technology, Mr. Takahashi founds Akari by gathering around his passion for the lights the sculptor of Isao Uchida, as well as the renowned the heirs of the traditional technique known as the Ise Katagami.






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From this collaboration is born a series of lighting fixtures, one of a kind, that never ceases to impress specialists in the field.

Honors & Mentions

AKARI's numerous participations in international arts and crafts exhibitions have also enabled AKARI to leave its mark on the Japanese cultural world.

Voted Best Japanese Craftsman among 100 other for the second time, by JETRO Japan (Japanese Foreign Trade Organization).

Selection at "challenge local cool Japan Paris" to exhibit at "Maison wa"

 Voted Best Japanese Craftsman among 100 other, by JETRO Japan (Japanese Foreign Trade Organization).


Front cover ANA (Japanese airline company).


Winner of the Omotenashi Prize in Paris.

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